Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebratory face-making.

Jim is ONE YEAR OLD today! Please excuse me while I go pass out in disbelief. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures (these many, many, many pictures...) of Jim making a variety of Jim-like faces.

Being charged.

Doing some charging.

Looking sly.

Looks sad, but actually perplexed.

Exaggerating his displeasure.

Impressed with himself.

Dunno what the hell he's doing, but it's pretty funny.

Caught in the middle of making his escape.

Showing off his chompers.


Uncertainty reigns.

Hahaha, gross.

Yeah, I'm eating cheese. What of it?

Whew. Okay. That pretty much brings us up to date with Jim pictures. Expect to see his 1-year update soon, accompanied by lots and lots of pictures (but probably not as many as in this post).


Ma said...

You're right, Leah, his belly IS comical! His looks are changing a bit, too. He's filled out some. Oh, what a handsome boy!!!!

Emmaline said...

Happy happy birthday to Jim! And thanks for making me laugh today. What a goober. :)

Oma said...

Wunnerful as usual. Gotta love those baby blues! Hugs to all. See you soon if all works out.