Tuesday, May 29, 2012

12-month check-up!

Full 12-month update + birthday pics coming soon, but I just wanted to jot down the details of Jim's 12-month doctor visit today before I forget. It went really well, overall. I was afraid he'd be terribly cranky, because we had to get him up about an hour and a half early so I could drive Noah in to work and keep the car. Damn the Navy and their weird work hours. But no, Jim finished his night's sleep in the car and was pleasant and chipper all morning. It helps that he's old enough now for the toys in the pediatrician's waiting room. One of those spinny-bobbly-spoke things (great description, yes? I are articulate) kept him busy for a good ten minutes.

He's up to 21 lb even (22nd percentile, up from 14th percentile last time) and 29.125 inches tall (30th percentile, up from like 20th last time), so he's moving on up in the growth charts. His head is, of course, gigantic - 98th percentile. The main part of the visit was pretty uneventful. Doctor walks in, says he looks good, walks out. Er, says Jim looks good, I mean. Be kind of odd if he poked his head in, announced "I am one handsome fellow, right?" and immediately departed.

Anyway, the scary part was the shots. I was rather upset that Noah couldn't be there (he's MUCH better at calming down a wounded Jim than I am), but I managed to pull it together and be properly supportive for Jim. I was astounded at how tough the little bloke was. He didn't even flinch when he got the finger-stick for the blood test (11.2 hemoglobin, if that means anything to you). I think he was more interested in checking out the nurse's ring than in his poor bloody finger. He did like the bandage, though - he had it off before we even got home. The shots themselves weren't terrible. He cried for about ten seconds, and it was more the insulted "Oh, woe is me! Betrayed by all!" sort of melodrama than actual pain.

Best part of the whole event? 2.5 hour nap afterwards. Sure, I had to lie in bed with him for the second half of it, but still, we oughta get shots every day.


Ma said...

Wow! He broke the 20 pound mark! Our Jimbo is growing way too fast. Ma loves you, Jimjim.

Emmaline said...

Yay for taking those shots like a man! Although it's rather pathetic on my part that it sounds like Jim handled it better than I ever do, and I'm 25 times his age. :(