Friday, March 11, 2011

BREAKING: James grows some, continues to look like baby.

I think he's maybe got Noah's nose (wide bridge, bump in the middle). Noah thinks I'm making stuff up. James has no opinion on the matter.

Other relevant data from yesterday's visit:

  • Jim's head is still big but no longer as hugely disproportionate as it was - 76th percentile.
  • He weighs about 2lb 13oz, which is 57th percentile - up exactly a pound from the ultrasound four weeks ago.
  • His heart and brain and other bits all look awesome, including his 'weewee' (ultrasound tech's word, not mind - she was very interested in getting shots of it).
  • My fibroid is more enormous than it was. It went from about a 4cm diameter last time to a 6cm diameter yesterday.
  • My weight gain, urine, kidneys, and uterus all appear to be fine.

The appointment itself was rather tedious (four hours at the hospital due to various comical mishaps), and that is all I have to say about that.


Rosa said...

I've been waiting for this latest picture I'm glad you got it up. It's weird how they can get the 3d image like that. Wonder how close he'll look to these images? I was thinking maybe your fibroid is adding to your discomfort and aggravating some symptoms. Are you having it removed after the birth? It will all be a memory soon, hang in there. Very happy everything is progressing as it should.:)

Emmaline said...

James is adorable, and I actually think his nose looks like yours. Mouth also. :) I love all of you so much!

MaTheSecond said...

WWWEEEAAAHHH! Mommy is IN LOVE! I agree with Em - the tip of the nose, at least, is the Welshans shape. Omigosh, he's BEAUTIFUL.

TeamOSM said...

So cute!! I just had an u/s when I got to CO...and they did 3D pics...FOR FREE!! When I told her the 3D u/s was $150 in GA, she said GA was mean. I concur.