Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alive and well!

So, I disappeared from the internet. First my internet in Minneapolis died, and then I kind of moved to Georgia. So now I'm typing from a cute little house in Hephzibah (best name I've ever heard, and if you disagree you can shush). Things that have happened in the last few weeks:

-- Finished everything school-related. Not as hard as expected, really, and it's amazing to be done. I've been in school for almost a full decade.
-- Flew to Georgia to get married. Success! Anniversary: December 10.
-- Bought a car (er, Noah did, anyway) and drove it back to Minneapolis. In a blizzard. Did a little impromptu off-roading, but it all turned out okay.
-- Got my results back on the bloodwork for Buckethead - all is well! Except they had to take the blood out of my hand instead of my arm, which kind of gave me a sad.
-- Moved to Georgia, with the help of my amazing and long-suffering mother. We (pregnant lady and woman with heart and shoulder condition) had to carry all my stuff down three flights of stairs and over two shoulder-high snow drifts to my car. It was possibly the worst experience of my life, but it got done, and I didn't have to do it alone. So thanks, Mom, and I love you!
-- Moved in! This part was much easier. Mom and I mostly sat back (er, stood back - no furniture) and watched Noah carry everything. It was very satisfying.
-- Furnished a house on the cheap. Best buy: nice (ish - it's comfy, but needs a slipcover to hide the florals) love seat for $10.

Now we're mostly just relaxing. I just put dinner in the oven to cook (I'm a sucker for meatloaf, and for parenthetical expressions) and am sitting on the couch watching Noah wreck cars on his 360. Life is good.

As far as Buckethead-related events go, there's a slight hold-up on the insurance, so I can't go to the doctor straight away, but we're going to a local ultrasound place on Friday so Noah can see and to find out the gender. Hopefully I can post some adorable and terrifying pictures of our spawn after that.


TeamOSM said...

You're ALIVE! I just sent you an email to express my concern. <3

Happy Wedding! Yay!

Rosa said...

Glad you're reconnected to the world. also happy to know that the pans are getting a workout straightaway! Take care of yourself and my boy(s).