Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So I've got my first doctor's appointment for *gasp* the baaaaby. It's Friday, October 15, so I'll be about 8 weeks along. Ish. That's 20% done, which seems like an awful lot. Apparently I'll be getting an ultrasound, so I'll hopefully have a lovely black and white picture of a blob to post. Maybe I'll get to hear a heartbeat too. That would be really awesome (might make it seem real), but they can't always do it that early, so I will try not to hold my breath.

On the downside, they'll also be sucking out a ridiculous amount of my blood for various tests. Last time I had blood drawn, it took three nurses to distract me and hold my arm down so one could do it. I'm hoping I've got a little more self-control this time.

Maybe it'll only take two nurses.

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