Sunday, October 10, 2010

7 weeks tomorrow.

And it's finally starting to feel real. Or maybe that's just because I've finally got some morning sickness, I have to pee every three minutes, and (TMI - look away!) my boobs hurt like hell. More minor symptoms include crazy cravings/aversions, weird yet apparently normal cramping/pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, and a superhero sense of smell. Fortunately I haven't actually gained any weight yet - I'm trying to keep that under control. I've got an unfortunate tendency to think: "Hmm. I want ice cream. That means baby wants ice cream! Baby shall have ice cream."

Buckethead is getting enormous, if supermarket blueberries are enormous. At least he's visible to the naked eye now, which is always a plus. Apparently he looks approximately like so:

Which is, frankly, terrifying. I mean, really. Arms and legs? Hilarious webbed toes? What's next, a beating heart? Oh wait, he's already got that.



Rosa said...

It felt like his Daddy had claws at times-that weird pulling-just wait it gets much worse. The peeing will decrease during the second trimester and come back with a vengeance third. Blueberry is good-Noah was chickpea then peanut, kiwi, and sweet potato before becoming baby.

heiligeglut said...

I'm glad to hear you say that about the pulling. I never heard of it as a pregnancy symptom, so I'm always afraid it means something's wrong.