Friday, August 20, 2010

Housing upgrades.

So, with nothing better to do over the summer, I've had some time to do a few projects around the apartment. Previously, I tended to leave my apartments austere and empty, save a few (or a great many) empty bottles and pizza boxes. My goal this time was to make it look like somebody actually lives here.

This is what the living room looked like previously. Not awful, but the couch really irritated me.

This is what it looks like currently. I painted some frames orange and put some silly prints in them, and I put a slipcover on the couch and made some pillow covers and curtains. I don't think I like the orange one - with the black it looks a bit home-made and Halloween-y. I want something to tie it in with the orange picture frames though. A different shade, maybe? I dunno. Work in progress.

I also put some pictures over the table, so I'd have something to look at while chopping stuff up. Yes, there are two empty frames - I put them up because it looked weird without those two, but I haven't decided what I want in them yet. Ignore the mess on the table. I'm in the middle of making some really kickass potato-carrot soup.

The bedroom previously. Big empty wall. Very depressing.

The bedroom now. Pictures on wall. Much improved, I think. The stein on the bedside table thingy is for plant watering purposes only. Not shown: Bruce snoozing on the end of the bed.

That's the end of my semi-finished projects. I'm in the middle of a couple sewing things. I'm trying to make a few little bags to get practice putting in zippers. Once I feel better about that, who knows - maybe something more complicated and scary.

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