Saturday, November 1, 2014

Things we did in October.

Lottie turned nine months old. She celebrated by showing everyone her belly.

Jim and I baked. A lot.

We canned hot peppers.

Jim managed to grab a fistful and then rub his eyes. Poor kid.

Lottie had better luck with foodstuffs.

We went to a pumpkin patch with Jim's preschool. Jim was too distracted to smile while holding his complementary pumpkin.

But he did manage to sit still on their photo booth. This is his current "say cheese!" face.

Jim and Dad cut a scary face in his little pumpkin..

We went to the South Carolina State Fair with Emmy, Ilya, and a whole bunch of strangers. Pictured: Female adults, male children. Not pictured: Male adults, female children.

Lottie proves she was there too.

Jim and Lottie dressed up for Halloween and went trick-or-treating. Jim talked about being a kitty-cat all month long.

Oh, and Jim and Lottie shared a lemon.


Oma said...

Wonderful update. Tell Jim I really like the kitty costume.

Oma said...

Oh, I really like your haircut. It looks good. Been awhile since it was that short. Remember that spiky do' you sported for awhile?