Sunday, September 28, 2014

An eventful 3.9 months.

Apparently I haven't posted since the end of May. Whoops. Allow me to fill you in on what's been going on.

In the middle of August, Jim started preschool.

Jim gave me the option of "slightly dopey sneezy face" and "possessed," so take your pick.

Preschool is going very well. He gets to learn some social skills besides "bulldoze," sing exciting songs, and do messy crafts that I don't have to clean up afterwards. He's a pretty big fan, and so are Noah and I. His preschool's Facebook page even posts pictures every day of the what the kids did, so I can spy on him from afar, thus assuaging my "shipping-the-kid-off-to-be-cared-for-by-strangers-for-twelve-hours-a-week" guilt.

Lottie grew some teeth and started eating food.

Chocolate pudding is totally a finger food.

So far, she's got quite the sweet tooth. Her favorite foods include bananas, jelly toast, ice cream, and pudding. Cruel creatures that we are, however, we also feed her broccoli, curry, tuna melts, and other savory fare.

Did I mention that both kids had surgery? Well, they did. Both of them.

World's cutest hospital gown.

Yes indeed, ladies and gents, surgery for little babies. I'll tell you the whole nerve-wracking story another time, but suffice it to say that Lottie's doctor found a heart murmur when she was 7 months old, and she was whisked off to heart surgery before she was 8 months old. Don't let the term "heart surgery" scare you too much, though; it was done by catheter, so she came out of it with nothing but a little puncture wound on her leg. She'll need another surgery later, but this one fixed the most pressing issue (a severe pulmonary stenosis).

Not to be outdone, Big Jim had his own surgery.

Apparently Jim has sized himself out of the most adorable gowns.

Scroll back up and notice how tired Jim looks in the going-to-preschool picture. We took him to an ear-nose-throat guy because he's an awful snorer, and he ordered a sleep study that showed that Jim had really bad obstructive sleep apnea, so his tonsils and adenoid needed to be chopped out. That just happened on Friday the 26th, so he's still in recovery-mode (much harder than Lottie's, as it turns out), but hopefully this'll fix what ails him.

Aaaaand that's about it for major news, at least as far as I can think of. I've got pictures uploaded to show Jim's and Lottie's surgeries and a few other odds and ends, so hopefully the next post won't take nearly four months.

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Emmy said...

Hooray for updates! Him does look exhausted in his preschool picture. :( Hopefully once he heals up it will make a difference in his rest.