Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas preparations.

So this was basically the most exciting thing that has ever happened to Jim. He's been obsessed with "Kismas teeeeeeeees" ever since he first saw one, so getting our own and setting it up was pretty thrilling. Even Noah the Grinch had to play along with his enthusiasm.

Noah gets the tree ready.

His adoring audience.

Jim proved his might by carrying in the tree stand all by himself.

Jim supervises to ensure a straight tree. Also, Noah is incapable of keeping his shirt around while doing labor of any sort.

I demonstrate proper tree decorating techniques while Jim takes notes.

Jim is delighted. Lottie is inscrutable.

Festive spirit is not Jim's strong suit.

Our stockings and half-assed mantel lights which I keep intending and neglecting to fix. Originally we were going to use all identical stockings, but Jim spotted the middle one and insisted on having the one with candy.

Jim admires the finished product.

His favorite ornament. He's already ripped a leg off once, but fortunately they go back on easily (unlike the glass balls, which he has smashed one of so far).


Oma said...

I needed this lift. Thanks for posting the pics. Most Christmas I'll be having so may have to look at these several times. Nice size tree, not too big or small.

Mom said...

Thanks, Leah! So sweet! Merry Christmas, I love you!