Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jim the Expert Baker

Jim has been wanting cookies all morning. He brought me his stuffed animals, lined them up, and demanded 'cookie! milk!' for all of them. So I promised him we'd make some cookies. Unfortunately, the poor guy doesn't understand that we have to wait for the butter to soften first. So we keep going out to check if it's ready yet, and each time he comes back disappointed. Finally, he goes out without me to check on his own, and comes back holding the butter proudly aloft.

Mama: Jim, it's not ready yet. Go put it back on the table.
Jim: Ready! Cookie!
Mama: Jim, do YOU know how to make cookies?
Jim: Da. (in an 'of course I do, woman' tone of voice)
Mama: Okay, how do you make cookies?
Jim: Mix in a circle.

...well, that is the gist of it. I guess since I'm no longer needed I'll just go take a nap and let Jim bring me the cookies when they're finished (although I suspect they'll taste remarkably like well-mixed butter).


Oma said...

Well if he's following Gramma G's chocolate chip recipe he'll need all of that butter! Hope they're out and cooling by now. He's a tenacious little guy isn't he? Nice to share with his stuffies, although I suspect that may be a ploy to get more cookies. Make no bakes next time, less involved and quicker results.

Leah said...

I was actually thinking of making no-bakes, but we didn't have any oatmeal. We wound up making snickerdoodles, since I had all the ingredients already. They're pretty awesome.

Ma said...

Haha! Jimbo!