Monday, June 24, 2013

One year, two years.

Left to right: ten days before birth, the day after birth, around a year old, exactly two years old.

It's funny to see how babyish one-year-old Jim looks to me now. I remember thinking at the time that he looked like a big grown-up kid already. Wonder what two-year-old Jim will look like to me next year?

Anyway, you guys remember those seated-with-bear pictures I used to take of Jim every month? I took (or tried to take) a few of those on his second birthday, and I completely forgot about them until I was browsing through my pictures just now. Have a look:

This is one-year-old Jim, looking suitably maniacal while sitting with his bear.

Now here is two-year-old Jim, looking equally maniacal.

His only attempt at looking cuddly.

Getting impatient with this sitting crap.

Seriously, are we done here?

Diving to freedom.

One-year-old Jim standing.

Two-year-old Jim standing.

Look how long his legs are.

Bonus 1: He hugs an unwilling Doofy cat.

Bonus 2: He squats with much more ease than I can.

Bonus 3: Aaaaangry eyes.


Oma said...

Thank you I needed a Jim fix. I like the angry eyes. He is so expressive.

Ma said...

AW! My Jimbo!