Thursday, April 11, 2013

I suck.

I said I'd post pictures, and then I didn't, damn me. Well, here are a couple (the last few from February). It's taking me a lot longer than expected to edit this last batch, so... Easter pictures are coming, but they'll be a little while.

Jim took a picture. Isn't it lovely?

Jim is GOOD at computer.

Sleepy baby head.

Blurry, but that FACE. C'mon, he's cute.

Generous, too. (note to the judgmental: I only let Alfred jump up like that once to get a cute picture - he ordinarily isn't allowed to)


Yo Mama said...

Hi Weah! You need to empty your voicemail, because not only do you never answer your phone, now we can't even leave a guilt-inducing message! Love you, Baby Girl:) Thanks for Jim pics.

Rhianna H said...

Puppies and toddlers! James and Alfred! They sound like co-butlers of the house.

Ma said...

James is the chauffeur's name:)Shall I send a pic to prove Jimbo's driving abilities? I posted said pic on my facebook a few days ago...

Aunt Dee said...

What's up. Any new photos of the house. How about those critters you have there.

Maureen Plotts said...

I love the first pick, that is such a great profile. Rosey cheeks and all. Though the bump looks like it hurt, though he's a boy and that comes with the territory.

Jim is just all around adorable, even with the tantrums. He just needs time to figure it all out. This growing up stuff is tough, after all.