Monday, August 13, 2012

No babies, just chickens.

Amelia. She's very shy and at the absolute bottom of the pecking order, but I do believe she's the prettiest. Not sure if it's her or Gertrude that lays the green egg.

Gertrude, the boss hen. She's pretty evil-looking (I think it's the cheek tufts), but she's the friendliest. She was the first one to let me pet her.

Penny. Not much to say about her, just a nice middle-of-the-road chicken. Not laying yet, I think.

Beatrice. She's decided she'll only lay eggs in one particular spot beside the house, so every morning she breaks out of their pen and goes to lay her egg, then comes back and wanders around the pen clucking forlornly until I put her back in with her buddies. Stupid chicken.

Okay, fine. Baby.


Oma said...

yeah for baby, oh, egg laying chickens deserve a yeah too! You must read Green eggs an ham to Jimmy before ingesting Gertrudes eggs.

Ma said...

Green eggs and ham! That would be a fun read while eating a green egg.

Maureen Plotts said...

Lol cute post