Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A few odds and ends.

  • Noah is going on first shift in a couple weeks! I am so freaking excited. Night shift is kind of soul-destroying, you know, what with the odd sleep cycles, and unpredictability, and lack of time together. Now we'll be able to actually, y'know, DO shit together. YAY!
  • Jim and I went for a walk here yesterday and saw an armadillo! A real live one. I've never seen one before, so I was terribly excited. Weird little creature.
  • Jim has his first top tooth! It just cut through last night. Now he's got two bottom teeth and one top tooth. Maybe soon he'll have enough to eat lettuce rather than gumming it frantically then throwing it on the floor for the uninterested cats.

And just to give you a quick Jim picture fix, here's Jim having a bath at my parents' house over New Years.


Emmaline said...

I remember getting baths in the sink at Ma and Pap's house! There is nothing cuter than a naked baby in a sink.

Oma said...

I wanted to go there when I was down, I looked at it on the computer, next time! Cute naked baby. Good blackmail pics for when he's dating.

Ma said...

Yeah you girls got a sink bath regularly until you were 6 or 8, actually Sometimes it was just quicker than the whole bathtub thing.