Sunday, December 18, 2011

Being people.

Since we were just talking about Jim's eating habits, I thought I'd show you how he manages. The above video features Jim devouring a delicious pear. He gags a little at the beginning (silly boy tried to have three bites of pear in his mouth at one time), but carries on munching quite happily. The below video involves a spoon and some yogurt. He was pretty funny with the yogurt, actually; kept making absolutely terrible faces while still slurping it up. He can handle a spoon okay, as long as I load it for him. He smears things around a good deal, of course, but at least he knows which end goes in his mouth.

Oh, slight side note of minor importance - guess who got his first tooth yesterday morning!


Rosa said...

I found Noah's first tooth by hitting it with the spoon. Tink! There it was. I can't wait to play with him!

Emmaline said...

I react the same way to plain yogurt.

Mom said...

Dad and I remember you kids' little faces...It's very amusing to see Jim-Jim making the same faces:-) Love you