Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I live here, too.

Folwell Hall, home of the German department. My office is here, the classroom where I teach is here, all of my classes are here. This is a crappy picture - you can hardly see the gargoyles.

So, today was the first day of the spring semester here at U. Minn. I got a bit lucky this semester and don't actually have any real classes Tuesday or Thursday, so all I had to do today was teach, and even that was fairly minimal, since it was the first day. I just did a brief mixer so the students could refresh their German and get to know each other a little, then went over the syllabus with them. It was kind of weird, since I knew half of the students very well (they were in my 1001 section last semester) and the other half not at all (although I'd heard about a few of them, from the TAs for their 1001 sections). It looks like it's going to be a good semester - the students were all energetic and friendly right from the start.

In other news, I got my books for the semester ($176.40 for ten books, not too bad), and I bought a rat for Pablo. He was abominably foolish when I put the rat in his cage, though - he got so excited he struck the glass (twice!) before realizing where his dinner was, and by that point he was so scared by bumping his nose on the glass that he just sat there and looked at the poor rat for half an hour before trying anything.

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Kevin said...

You're lucky with books. All of mine are absurdly expensive (usually up over $300 for the semester :(). I'm also very jealous of your school, as it is much prettier than my modern buildings. *shakes fist at modernity* Oh well, back to studying for me (New Age Divination paper to finish researching and writing).