Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Three small things.

1.) "Ingwer" is an adorable word. It means "ginger" (which the Germans think is a hilarious word - maybe it's just a hilarious thing in any language?), and I ran out of it on Christmas Eve, darn it, so my Christmas stir-fry was mediocre.

2.) I don't know if it's all Germans or just the ones at my school, but they pronounce the letter v as a w when speaking English. "Will someone wolunteer to read?" "Patience is a wirtue." "Who did you wote for?" I try not to giggle.

3.) One of my students mixes up the words "tourist" and "terrorist." This leads to statements such as "lots of terrorists visit New York every year." I try to correct without snickering too much.

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