Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh noes!

Pablo bit Kevin, and we have no clue why. It's very distressing. It wasn't a bad bite, just a teensy puncture wound with almost no blood, but still... Very out of character. I'm concerned about him. His usual fear-response is curling into a ball, not going all stabbity-doom on people. And it wasn't a feeding response because it was a bite-and-release, not bite-and-hold. But he's acting normally again now - we gave him a mouse and he's happy again. I bought a pair of oven mitts (with a spaghetti-and-meatball pattern!) for Kevin to use to handle him while he's all alone, because he's a little Pablo-shy now.

Useful information: if you get bitten by a snake, do NOT yank it off. You'll pull out the poor thing's teeth, and it'll just slash up your skin, because the teeth curve backwards. Instead, push its head forward and try to detach it that way. If that doesn't work, submerge its head in water, and it'll let go. If that doesn't work, pour alcohol (liquor or rubbing alcohol, not beer) into its mouth, and it'll recoil (wisely) at the taste and let go. If that doesn't work, resign yourself to having a snake on your thumb for the next twenty minutes and go read a book or something.

Also, I had birthday stuff today! Kevin got me a pony, and _Hot Fuzz_, and stuff for my camera, and is making me a lovely candlelit dinner of chicken cordon bleu, which I'm about to go eat. Ta-ta.

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